Full, eye blinding light, endless blue crystal clear water, white seagulls, golden beaches, all mixed up with the white that radiates from the figures of the picturesque windmills and the houses with red purple bougainvilleas and multicolored geraniums, and all this leads to a composition of unique beauty and life.

Since the early 60's, the island in its unique way has combined calmness, quality andoutburst. Mykonos represents the most impressive mix of stars, famous visitors and millionaires from all over the world, who all declare the island as their meeting point.

On the white picturesque paths, under the Aegean sky, famous and anonymous people mix together and enjoy life in a unique way.

The most beautiful yachts of the wealthiest people in the world set sail for the waters of Mykonos every summer. They come time and time again to enjoy something that is given so excessively by God: the sun, the sea and the joy of life.

However, Mykonos is not only that. It is the synonym for relaxation, summertime, exciting entertainment but at the same time for a comfortable family life. The rhythm of life on this island is different. In Mykonos there is no distinction between different ages, professions and social status. Everybody becomes one in the name of joy and pleasure. Everyone walks downtown along the narrow streets, flowing almost like a river. An endless funfair where every corner is full of "glendi" (entertainment in Greek).

For many people Mykonos is Greece and Greece is Mykonos. All over the world people dream to visit Mykonos at least once in a lifetime. They have a desire to be part of the real life in Mykonos.

Finally, Mykonos is not just an island, but it is a unique personal experience waiting to be tasted.

There is daily communication with the great ports of Rafina and Piraeus as well as with surrounding islands by means of ferry boat, catamaran and high speed sea jets. Mykonos has an international airport.

The road network is good and all villages and beaches are easily accessible. Small boats link up to its beautiful beaches.

All kinds of services such as banks, medical centers, pharmacies, car rentals, bike rentals, supermarkets, post offices, local art shops, sea sport shops, fashion boutiques, jewelry stores are available.

On the island one can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Aegean Marine Museum and the Folklore Museum. There is also a Public Library and a Public Exhibition Center of Arts. On the island there are also numerous and interesting archaeological sites and if you like scuba diving you can also visit the ruins of Aesculap's establishment sank in the Mykonian sea.

In general, Mykonos is an island of great variety, capable to offer to any visitor a unique and unforgettable vacation.

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